Cloudwater DIPA V6 & V7

I’m not sure if many other beers this past year have come close to generating the kind of hype and excitement that surrounds the release of a new version of Cloudwaters double IPA. The DIPA series, have been brewed based on Cloudwaters ethos of using seasonal ingredients mixed with experimentation.

V6 and V7 have both been brewed using the same malt, hops and hop schedule. The only change is the yeast used. I’d recommend reading the Cloudwater blog for the history of the DIPA series here along with the explanation of how these beers are brewed and how the differences affect each brew.

I’ve never tried a Cloudwater DIPA before (I’m not counting the Cotteridge Wines birthday special Deep Breath – Red Wine BA Stout w/V3), so lets jump right in…

Cloudwater DIPA V6 (9%) is brewed with a Vermont ale yeast (WLP4000). As soon as it poured into the glass the aromas seemed to fill the room. Lovely fresh sweet citrus, passionfruit and peach aromas dominated. The beer poured a fantastic hazy golden yellow colour with a small white head.

Tasting, this beer was incredibly smooth. For 9%, it was dangerously smooth and very drinkable. The deliciousness of the fruity tropical citrus, peachy flavours smack you in the face as you drink this leaving a fabulous soft bitterness at the finish. It also had a lovely stickyness texture which really allowed the flavours to stay on your palette. This beer went down very fast.

For me, an incredible beer.

Score: 4.5/5

Cloudwater DIPA V7 (9%) is brewed with a JW Lees yeast (4722gen). Again, on the pour fruity aromas hit you (Although more subtle than V6), the pour was a lovely golden yellow with small white head.

Tasting, I found this incredibly fruity and refreshing, lots of tropical fruit flavours hitting you at first, followed up by quite a tangy bitterness. As I got further into the beer, the bitterness seems to dull a little which for me improved the taste.

Again, a fabulous beer.

Score: 4/5

Overall, both of these are amazing beers and it’s been a pleasure to try them. However for me, the more juicy taste of V6 trumps the tangy bitterness of V7. Looking forward to what comes in V8 already.

Source: Stirchley Wines


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