Thornbridge Rhubarbe De Saison

The Rhubarbe De Saison (5% ABV) by Thornbridge is a beer that won the Great British HomeBrew Challenge in 2015.

Originally homebrewed by Astrophysicist Will Alston and crowned overall winner of the competition the beer was recreated by Thornbridge (Along with Will) and went on sale at Waitrose stores as well as other stores. (You can read a better explanation here)

It pours a lovely hazy dark golden yellow with a white frothy head. The aroma is quite tart and sour with a strong yeasty smell.

Taste is fresh and fairly tart, with a lovely little twinge of Rhubarb. This is crisp and refreshing and ends with a nice dry finish.

Not a bad drink, but one is probably enough.

Score: 3/5

Source: Cotteridge Wines


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