Stourbridge Beer Festival 2016

Long time, no blog.

In an effort to resurrect this site I thought I’d write about my recent visit to the Stourbridge Beer Festival.

The 19th Stourbridge Beer Fest is an event organised by the Stourbridge and Halesowen branch of CAMRA. It was held in the Stourbridge Town Hall between 20th-23rd April and featured a fantastic list of around 100 beers and ciders.

I set off after work on Thursday night, making a pit stop at Lye on the way to have my first visit to the Sadlers Brewhouse. A quick pint of JPA and it was back on the train to Stourbridge town.

Arriving around 8pm, the venue was pretty busy. Far busier than I’d expected for a Thursday night which I was pleased to see.

Stourbridge Beer Festival 2016After a quick peruse of the festival guide, I hit the bar. Although it was busy there were a lot of volunteers working the bars and service was fast, friendly and helpful.

I managed to try the following beers on my visit…

Lagonda IPA – Marble Brewery – 3/5

Proteus vol 1 ver 3 – Siren Craft – 4/5

I Am The Muffin – Twisted Barrel Ale – 4/5 – Probably the best beer I tried. Fantastic flavours, lots of banana, very nice.

Stay Puft – Tiny Rebel – 4/5

Symphony – Salopian – 3.5/5

Session IPA – Fernandes Brewery – 2/5

Wake Up Juice – Twisted Barrel Ale – 4/5

Rye Showcase – Green Duck – 3/5

Dark Side Of The Moose – Purple Moose Brewery – 3.5/5

Green Duck Rye Showcase

My usual plan of attack at beer festivals is to only try beers (And if possible breweries) that I haven’t had before and to only have thirds so I can try as much as possible. On this occasion, only Wake Up Juice was a beer I’d had before. However, only Marble was a new brewery for me so I must make more effort to try new breweries at future festivals.

Stourbridge Beer Festival

Spartacus from Fixed Wheel Brewery won Beer of the Festival. A well deserved honour for a fantastic beer.

This is the moment Scott of Fixed Wheel found out that the first key keg had run out.

Scott - Fixed Wheel
Overall, a fantastically setup and organised festival. The beer list was varied and the addition of key kegs at a CAMRA festival was refreshing to see.

As always, a big thank you to the volunteers who were all very friendly and helpful in their recommendations. Looking forward to next years event.


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