Birmingham Beer Bash 2015

On Friday 24th July 2015 I attended the 3rd Birmingham Beer Bash at The Bond Co in Digbeth. This was also my 3rd time visiting the bash and I can honestly say that it’s my favourite beer festival of the year. The Birmingham Beer Bash (Or bCubed) is an independent beer festival that was created and run by a small team of beer fans, writers, bloggers, twitterers. What they’ve achieved the last three years is nothing short of incredible. They have created a fantastic must-attend beer festival bash that’s very friendly, fun and exciting.

Photo 24-07-2015 20 29 31

I managed to try quite a few beers in the evening session I attended. Most were exceptional. I think the great thing I like about bCubed is the range and quality of the beers on offer are exceptional. This isn’t your standard CAMRA festival with 20 different types of generic bitter available. There’s all different styles: IPAs, Stouts, Sours, Lagers, etc. A massive range for all tastes to try. Plus they mix cask and keg seamlessly without making it an issue.

The beers I was lucky enough to try…

Disfunctional Functional IPA – Offbeat Brewery – 3/5

Fullhouse Tripel IPA – Black Jack Beers – 4/5

Pot Kettle Black – Yeastie Boys – 4/5

Reddish Rye – Thirst Class Ale – 3/5

Breakfast Stout – Founders Brewing Co – 3.5/5

Graveyard Eyes – Hopcraft Brewing – 2.5/5

Barrel Aged Papa Pils – Beavertown – 4/5

Rye IPA – Runaway Brewery -4/5

Spanner IPA – Liverpool Craft Beer Co – 3/5

Little Thinks That Kill – Weird Beard – 4/5

We also had a great burger from the Original Patty Men. I love a burger done right and theirs are spot on. It’s easy to see why they are winning Best Burger awards. The other food sellers on site also looked great, but unfortunately we didn’t get chance to try them.

Finally, a massive thank you to all the volunteers that made the festival happen. I can only imagine the time and effort required to pull something like this off, but the guys did a great job. Looking forward to next year. Cheers.


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