Beer: Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja

Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja is described by the brewer Weird Beard Brew Co as a Citra Pilsner. It’s brewed using a normal lager process, but has the addition of Citra hops added. This produces a slightly odd beer that’s a little difficult to understand, not that it’s a bad thing.

This beer pours a dark orange/amber colour with a small white head that dissipates pretty quickly. The aroma seemed very much what you’d expect from a Pilsner but I could pick up some interesting grassy notes too. There was also a small hint of some tropical fruit aromas in there too.

This beer has a nice sharp crisp taste that I was expecting and this is followed up by an interesting citrusy bitterness. There’s a nice tropical fruit hit in the after taste, I got a lot of melon and grapefruit from this.

Overall, it’s an interesting beer. I found it pretty easy to drink once I got used to the slightly odd citrus after taste. Certainly worth giving this beer a try if you get a chance.

Source: Can from Cotteridge Wines

Score: 3/5


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