Beer: Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2013

Let’s get this out upfront, the Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2013 is an insanely good beer. It’s rich, it’s boozy it’s fruity, it’s just amazing.

I watched one of the Craft Beer Boys latest videos and Jonny reviewed this Heritage 2013 beers. I knew I’d got a bottle of this and the video inspired me to crack it open and give it a try. (You should click here to watch the video)

This limited edition 11% quadruple is aged for one year in oak barrels. I picked up a bottle of the 2013 edition back in December 2014 on a visit to Bruges. It was for sale for around 12€ in a Karrifour store near to the Halve Mann Brewery.

Once the cork is popped off the bottle a lovely boozy cognac and oak smell hits you in the face. Theres also a lovely dark berry aroma.

This pours a lovely dark red/plum purple colour. It’s a little thick, but very smooth. a small tan head gathers at the top.

The taste of this beer is super smooth. A lovely boozy taste hits you at first with the oak aged taste really hitting the spot nicely. I picked up a lot of dark fruits, raisins and prunes. Plus, there was a taste of red wine mixed in there too, There is a lot of sweetness in the after taste, It doesn’t linger and ends quite dry. This is a very complex beer and I only see it getting better and better with age.

This is a beer that needs to be sipped slowly and enjoyed. Each mouthful was wonderful and I’m glad I was lucky enough to try a bottle.

Source: Carrefour, Bruges.

Score: 5/5


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