Belgian Beer Drinking 1

A couple of weeks ago I spent a Friday evening trying a few beers that I’d picked up while in Bruges in December last year.

Photo 20-02-2015 13 31 27Kasteel Hoppy (6.5%)

This beer by Kasteel is brewed using only hops from Belgium. I was very interested to try it. It pours a clear dark amber colour with a nice big frothy head. The aroma was quite spicy, and a little bitter. Not much hoppyness that I was expecting. The taste was pretty sweet, with some citrus flavours. From a beer thats’s called Hoppy, it was no where near as hoppy as I’d imagined. The aftertaste was fairly bitter too. Overall, a little disappointing.

Score: 2.5/5

Photo 20-02-2015 13 33 21Corsendonk Dubbel (6.5%)

The first thing you notice with this beer is the bottle is ridiculously heavy. It’s a normal 330ml bottle, but the glass seems very thick and heavy. This dubbel poured a real red-ish/brown colour with a nice light frothy head. The aroma was sweet berrys and lots of liquorice. The taste was fantastically smooth, with a lovely dark fruity taste. Very enjoyable and easy to drink.

Score: 3/5

Photo 20-02-2015 22 20 57Tongerlo Prior Tripel (9%)

Pours a dark golden yellow with a frothy white head. This beer was very carbonated. There is a lovely sweet and spicy aroma. The taste was especially boozy and sweet with a fair amount of spicyness. Good example of a Beligian tripel in my opinion.


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