Beer: Wild Beer Co Millionaire

I had high hopes for this beer. I’m a big fan of Millionaire cake slices and hoped this beer would be a liquid boozy version of one of those. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a little too salty and sweet for my tastes.

The Wild Beer Co Millionaire is a 4.7% ABV Milk Stout. The beer is brewed with sea salt, lactose, caramel and Valrhona cocoa nibs to give it a sweet salty chocolatey flavouring.

This beer pours a dark black colour. The aroma is a real milky chocolate aroma, almost chocolate milkshake in texture and aroma. Very nice, but I would have liked more caramel on the nose.

On tasting, I found this beer to be very sweet, perhaps even too sweet. The initial sweetness of the chocolate and salt was maybe a bit too much up front for my tastes, although the strong milk stout backbone that kicks in was very nice.

If you like milk stouts or generally sweet beers this will appeal to you, for me it was a little too sweet to be fully enjoyable.

Source: Cellar Door Drinks, Sutton Coldfield

Score: 3.5/5


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