Beer: Brew By Numbers 08|03 Chocolate & Orange Stout

BBNo 0803I messed up when I visited the Brew By Numbers brewery earlier this month. I meant to try this beer fresh on draft but I misread the beer board and thought they only had the 08|01 Export Stout available so instead I ordered the 15|01 Black IPA (Which was still a fantastic beer). I didn’t have time to stay for another so I grabbed a bottle to take away.

The BBNo 08|03 is a chocolate and orange stout. Coming in with an ABV of 6.4% this beer is brewed with lactose, cocoa nibs and Seville orange zest. Pouring a thick inky black colour. The smell was pure milk chocolate loveliness. As expected the taste was a smooth rich chocolate and deep roasted malt flavour followed by a lovely light zingy orange bitterness. Personally, I would have preferred the orange to be a little stronger but it still worked really well.

Overall, a really nice smooth drinkable stout. Very enjoyable.

Score: 4/5

Source: Bottle from Brew By Numbers Brewery


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