Beer: Beavertown Gamma Ray

WOWZA! How had I never tried this beer before. It’s bloody fabulous.

The Beavertown Gamma Ray is a 5.4% ABV American Pale Ale. It poured out of the can a lovely clear golden amber colour. The sweet hoppy citrus aroma that hits you is amazing, already you can tell this isn’t a beer that’s going to hold anything back. On tasting, there was a great smack in the face from the juicy hops. Loads of tropical fruit, mango, resin flavours came through. It was also quite sweet and very fresh. This is a beer that has such a lingering sweet bitter after taste your taste buds are just begging for another drop.

I’ve been a fan of the Beavertown beers for a while now, but I’d never managed to get my hands on Gamma Ray before. Neck Oil and 8-Ball are two of my favourite go-to beers, but now I have a third to add to that collection.

Gamma Ray is a big bold aggressive beer. It wants to hit you with strong fresh juicy flavours and it succeeds. As an admitted hop head this beer is right up my street. This will go down as one of my top beers and my top pale ale.

I need to grab some more cans ASAP.

Score: 5/5

Source: The Bottle Shop, Bermondsey


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