Beer: Thornbridge Cocoa Wonderland

I really enjoy a good chocolate beer, but before I try a new one there’s always a fear that it will be too gloopy or too sickly. Thankfully, this Thornbridge Cocoa Wonderland is neither. Coming in at a fairly strong 6.8% this Chocolate Porter has been brewed in Collaboration with Cocoa Wonderland in Sheffield to celebrate their 10th birthday (Read about how this beer was conceived here).

This beer pours a lovely deep dark black colour and produces a nice large frothy head. There’s a fabulous aroma of chocolate. On tasting, as you’d expect there is a lovely big hit of milky chocolate. This beer tastes superb, very rich and chocolatey, but also very smooth, and surprising light bodied. There is a fair bit of bitterness in the after taste that I liked.

I’d certainly recommend sitting back and enjoying this slowly, the range of flavours really build as it warms up. Very enjoyable as an after dinner treat or on a cold evening.

Score: 4/5

Sourced from: Cellar Door Drinks, Four Oaks


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