Beer: Thornbridge Jaipur X

Thornbridge Jaipur X is a 10% Imperial IPA, brewed to celebrate the 10 year anniversary since Jaipur was first brewed. As far as I can remember I’d never actually tried Jaipur until a little over two years ago (Obviously I was late to the party), and it was the first Thornbridge beer I’d actually tried. I knew of its reputation, and how highly regarded it was but I’d never actually grabbed a bottle or caught it on draught until that point. I remember being very impressed (Rated it 5 stars on Untappd). I’ve had it several times since then and always enjoyed it.

After seeing the wonderful Cellar Door Drinks by my work tweet that they had some bottles in, I shot round there after work and grabbed one.

This strong Imperial IPA pours a lovely light golden colour, almost oil like in colour and texture. A small frothy head quickly dissipated.The aroma was fresh and hoppy. It was a lovely beer to taste, very smooth and silky with a lovely strong bitter alcohol backbite that tasted beautiful. Certainly very deceptive for it’s strength but it tasted so good. I’d easily grab another.

Score: 4/5

Sourced from: Cellar Door Drinks, Four Oaks


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